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Hamilton Tour

You’ve loved Hamilton-the-Musical now walk its Boston connection!  This 45 minute tour continues the ‘Spirit’ highlighted in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s script.  We begin at the Avenue de Lafayette and Washington St and end at Faneuil Hall which is “One of the of rooms where it happened", “I have the honor to be your obedient servant.  L . Perl".



Corporate Tour

Whether you wish to share Boston’s history with your out of town clients  or spend a day of team building we are the perfect solution to get out of the office.

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Boston Mayors Tour

Their Leadership upon the City: through wars, pestilence and protest, from 1822 when Boston incorporated as a city through our present time. Josiah Quincy, the Great Mayor; Hugh O’Brien, first Irish Mayor; Honey Fitz, and the Kennedys; James Michael Curley, Loved and Despised; Kevin White, Larger than Life. Quite a collection of fascinating folk who’ve held this office!



Boston Common Tour

There is nothing common about it!

Since 1634, ever protected as a common green space for the people of Boston. The  early days allowed for cows grazing, militia drills and hanging of suspected witches, pirates and Quakers. For over  350 years it has remained the back drop for free speech from the Vietnam Nam War protest, 1969, to the Woman’s March, 2017. Come on this tour and revisit the major events of Boston and that of the country. 



Freedom Trail Tour

See it for the very first time.  This tour centers on the downtown portion of what is known as the Freedom Trail, highlighting the places and events of the American Revolution.  George Washington, Paul Revere, Sam Adams, Crispus Attucks,  John Adams, Phillis Wheatley are some of the people we give attention to for their part in the American Revolution.


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