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Walking Tours Boston

Sharing Boston's History Since 2000

There are a number of ways to explore and learn about the historic city of Boston from harbor cruises to the ‘Hop On’ trolley tours. All offer a wonderful experience stepping into the past while enjoying the vibrancy of the present time.  We can walk locations in Boston to provide a more authentic experience.


Our Walking Tour though brings you face to face with history! 


We can sit in the very space of Faneuil Hall listening to the stories of the Sons of Liberty as they argued to end the colonial relationship with Great Britain. We can give time to the actual walk of the original shoreline etched by artist Ross Miller and stand on the site of the Boston Massacre. A trek through the burial grounds, the final resting resting place of those who would leave their mark on Boston is of special intrigue.

You are invited to take part in touching upon the people and places a walking tour presents unlike any other way to explore Boston. Allow us the privilege of being your guide.

Who We Are

All tours are led by Linda Perlman and all the content is uniquely researched and prepared by her.  Linda has a 20 year educational background, followed by 15 years of experience with Boston By Foot resulting in being awarded Docent Emerita in 2017. Linda is supported by a team of professional guides who assist with larger parties.

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